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Fund an ad in a Swing District

Social media ads - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - work to influence behavior. Ask any corporation or the Russian government. They are one of the most cost effective ways of reaching would-be voters and reinforcing the “boots on the ground” work of canvassers. All we need is a bit of know how (that’s us!) and some funding (that’s you!)

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Huge reach

Our first ad campaign cost $69.65 and reached 14,164 people in our target district. Not bad, huh. Of course, costs change as ads get more targets, but it’s hard to beat these results.


Volunteer experts

We are a 100% volunteer organization of professional women with expertise in digital marketing in our day jobs. Campaigns likely couldn’t hire us, but we are delighted to lend our knowledge to the cause.

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No limits

That’s why we formed a PAC! It was a steep learning curve and we’re lucky to have Treasurer talent. Now we just have to make it worth it! Join us in this completely grassroots, organic effort.

Attend an event

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Join your friends from the Ladies of the Resistance to watch the new Netflix documentary, Knock Down the House, chronicling the momentous run of first-time candidates for national office.

We'll gather at 6:30 pm. Light refreshments will be available.

Suggested donation of $10 will jointly benefit Swing Left's Unify or Die fund to benefit the eventual Democratic Presidential candidate and the activism efforts of Ladies of the Resistance, a registered Super PAC.


Support great groups

There are many organizations doing incredible work to further equality and save America. We support them and their efforts. 

Swing Left



Southern Poverty Law Center