The Work


Pragmatism, activism, impact

We chose our priorities based on where we believed we could make the most difference.  After analysis, consideration, and much discussion, we committed our collective energy to flipping the House Democratic in 2018. The 2018 midterm elections are the most important of our lifetimes and we are working tirelessly to ensure the ideals of America are closer to being realized. In addition to direct action like phone banking and canvassing, we put our professional experience to work for the cause in social media advertising and partnerships to advance voter enfranchisement. 

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Social media advertising

As we learned in the 2016 election, Facebook ads are a big deal. Yet many Congressional campaigns lack the expertise and bandwidth to run effective digital ads. That's where we come in. Our day jobs prepared us well for this activism and we've already started testing messages. One of the best ways to get involved today is to fund an ad. A little can go a long way. Donate today and put more progressive ads in California swing districts.


Fun voter enfranchisement

The Republican assault on voting rights is an assault on American values and we are working to fix it. But with a LOTR flare! We send “Resistance-in-a-box” to social groups - think book clubs - whose members may not be activists yet. These boxes include everything the group needs to have a fun resistance party sending personal letters to would-be voters in swing states. Voting is our most important Constitutional right.  

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We're all busy. But we are also all in this together. We meet people where they are and believe that changing the world should be inclusive, enjoyable, and life affirming. We aim to provide an outlet for people who care about the future of America to do something to protect it. Join us. And have fun making a difference.