Resistance In A Box

What is Resistance-in-a-box?

A means of getting groups who’ve never been activists before to become more politically involved

  • A letter-writing strategy that will lead to more democratic-leaning voters in eleven super states registering to vote

  • In essence, it’s a party in a box that has everything a book club would need to host a letter-writing event, including follow-up ideas for getting more involved as activists

  • Unboxing is a trend on the internet where people make viral videos about the excitement and mystery of unpackaging an exciting gift. The top unboxing videos get billions of views.

Why letters?

  • People who receive written appeal letters that include a voter registration link:

    • register at a rate 4.3% higher 

    • vote at a rate 1.6% higher

  • This strategy focuses on unregistered voters

    • People who register are  >90% likely to vote in presidential election. 

  • Building new communities of activists nationwide

    • Catalyst for political engagement (Gateway Drug to Activism)


Each box costs approximately $100 to put together

Click here to fund a box!


What’s in the box?

  • Instructions

  • Materials for writing letters (envelopes, stamps, pre-printed letters and address from Vote Forward)

  • Fun Costumes (leis, fun hats etc)

  • Candy

  • A party music playlist

  • Patriotic recipe ideas for the host; we also encourage guests to bring their beverage of choice!

How is it funded?

That’s where our supporters come in! Each box cost approximately $100. Click here to fund a box! Thank you!